Who are we?

Simarki is a family run business, established in 2002. Our focus is to produce a high quality golfing product at a competitive price. No request is too small. There are no minimum orders, and we are happy to accommodate personal requests.

Simarki has exhibited twice at the PGA Golf Show in America and our signature Simarki Tee can be found throughout the world. We often receive emails from international golfers who have used our Simarki Tee while holidaying in South Africa, saying how much they’ve enjoyed playing with them.

What makes our Simarki Tee so special?

The shaft and head of our tees are moulded from 2 different polymers, offering 2 unique functions in one tee. The softer, large head offers stable ball placement, is club-head friendly and the thin rim allows least resistance to the ball impact. The firmer shaft is fashioned from a more resilient polymer which holds its shape well and lasts longer.

Our fixed-height tee was developed from the regular tee and cleverly features 2 heads in one shaft, available in 2 different lengths. This allows for consistent golf ball height placement.

We’ve also recently launched our convenient tee holder which clips onto your golf bag to hold your Simarki tees and ball marker.

We’re proud of our products and are consistently testing and upgrading them for your best golfing experience. Please download the catalogue below to see our full range.

What our clients are saying…

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions about our range.

Tel: 031 783 4290
Mobile: 083 541 0256
Email: sales@simarki.co.za